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Lab Assignment 1

Due Wednesday September 20 by Midnight

Create a Windows forms project in VS 2017 and name the solution "Lab1". Add an event handler for the paint event, and display your full name at coordinate 100, 100.

Zip your entire project folder. Unzip your file to a different location on your hard drive and open/build the project in VS. If you can't run it you have not zipped the solution folder properly. The most common error is not including all the necessary files and folders. If the grader can't build your project you will receive a zero grade.

DO NOT USE THE MAC OS TO ZIP YOUR PROJECT. There have been issues. Use Windows to create your zip file. Right click the folder and click send to followed by compressed file. Do not save in any other compression format such as .rar.

See instructions for uploading on the course web site. The date on the uploaded file MUST be the due date or earlier. After midnight is too late.

This will be a 5 point assignment. Most labs are 10 point assignments. The total of lab grades are scaled to 60% of your final average.