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Assignment One

Not to be submitted, but should be completed as soon as possible.

Your first task in this course is to download and install Visual Studio Community 2017 directly from Microsoft. This does not require burning or mounting an ISO image. It installs over the web. Next you need to learn to use VS to create web pages. You should also begin the process of learning C# if you don't know it already. I will provide more information about downloads in class.

If you have other versions of Visual Studio installed you do not have to uninstall them, but it is a good idea to do so to prevent version confusion.. You can have multiple versions installed on your system. All assignments must be done with Visual Studio Community 2017

If you are not running Windows 7 or later upgrade or install it. You can not do this course under the MAC OS or Linux. I cannot provide assistance for those trying to install Windows on an Apple computer. You will have to deal with that issue. Dual boot is highly preferable to using a virtual machine.

I will be using Windows 10 for this course. Upgrade to it if at  allpossiblte or dual boot to a new install.

If you have used other versions of Visual Studio all you need to do is check out the new features. If you have never used Visual Studio start by reading the help files. I will not be covering this in class. You need to learn the basics on your own.

Installation Video

I created a video guiding you through the entire installation. It will save you time and effort by watching. It can be found on the course web site under the Videos menu dropdown. It is about 25 minutes long.

Create a web site

Under the file menu select new and then web site. Under the C# node select empty web site. DO NOT USE VISUAL BASIC. Select a location and name and click OK. Do not use the default name such as Website1 that is provided. Use a name such as Lab1 or MyFirstSite. Right click the web site name in the solution explorer and select add/add new item. Select HTML Page. You can then use the designer and code view to create some HTML. You can right click the web page name and select "view in browser" to see what your page looks like in a browser. Design view will not be available unless you follow the notes posted on the course web page. See this.

We will be creating web forms pages (.aspx files) and you can explore this aspect of VS 2017. The  more you explore VS 2017early in the course the less work you will have to do when actual lab assignments are given out.