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Lab 4

Due Sunday July 16

In this assignment you will write a web application to perform currency conversion to and from US Dollars (USD). The exchange rates for numerous currencies are stored in an SQL database and the data is data bound to a list control. A working application can be found here.

You can extract the values used for each currency by entering one as the amount and converting from USD. I got these values from These values change daily so they probably will not match my values. Use the values found in my solution.


  • Create a new empty web site named Lab4.
  • Create a new SQL database and name it Conversions
  • Add a new table named Rates. The name will be checked when grading.
  • Make the primary key field Id is an identity field as explained in class.
  • Add the following fields (columns):
    Currency nvarchar(50)
    Exchange Money
  • Uncheck the allow nulls on both.
  • Do not provide a default vale for either field.
  • Save the table.(update)
  • Open the table in the show data view and add your currincies and exchange rates obtained from my working example. The exchange rate converts the amount to the desired currency.
  • Convert the exchange rate to a decimal data type and do all calculations in decimal.

These requirements must be met:

  1. Numerical data must use the decimal data type.
  2. Create an SQL data source control and bind the appropriate table fields to the list box as I went over during class.
  3.  Bind the text to the currency and the value to the exchange rate.
  4. Provide suitable input and output controls to match my working version
  5. You must detect errors. Test thoroughly.
  6. Use good styling such as a title and labels on the controls to match my example.
  7. Test your zip file. Bad or corrupted zip files will receive zero credit.

Start this assignment early. Do not count on last minute help from me or my lab assistants.