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Lab 1

Due Sunday June 11 at Midnight

In this assignment you will create a personal biographical web page. This page along with the rest of the class will be posted on the course web site.

Some of the things you might include are:

  • Where you are from.
  • Schools and degrees.
  • Hobbies and interests.
  • Professional goals.
  • Anything else you wish to share. The more the better.

The following requirements MUST be met or you will lose points:

  1. Create a new website (not a project based web site) . Name it Lab1.
  2. Visual Studio Community 2017 MUST be used.
  3. Specify an empty C# ASP.NET web site template.
  4. Add a new html page and use this as the container for your page.
  5. Name it Default.htm.
  6. Your page must contain an image of yourself and any other images you would like.
  7. Images must be files included with the web site and NOT hot links to images on other sites.
  8. All images must be resized to their display size to reduce bandwidth Check the size of the image files.  Delete any original unsized images in your web site folder.
  9. You must include one or more hyperlinks. These might be to your previous school etc.
  10. A layout other than linear MUST be used. DIV tags should be used. Do not use tables.
  11. A suitable title for the web page must be included in the title tag, e.g., John Doe's Bio Page.
  12. CSS styling MUST be used. Text styling, background colors, borders, etc. are examples.
  13. Your page will be compared with others in the class and minimal efforts will receive much lower grades.
  14. Create a ZIP file of the folder containing your web site and upload using the "Submit Online" feature found on the course web page menu. Any incomplete or corrupted files will result in a zero grade. Test your zip file by extracting to a different location and open in VS. Do not use any other file type such as .rar. DO NOT ZIP THE FOLDER FOUND IN PROJECTS THAT CONTAINS THE .SLN FILE. Always zip the lab folder from the websites folder.
  15. DO NOT USE THE MAC OS for the last step! Any ZIP files with MAC related content will result in a zero grade.
  16. Pay attention to the due date and time. Late assignments will receive 1/2 credit.
  17. ABSOLUTELY NO JAVASCRIPT OR ANYTHING FROM THE INTERNET IS TO BE USED. We need to be on a level playing field. The object of this assignment is to ensure you have learned HTML and CSS. Style sheets from the internet are NOT to be used.
  18. Start early on this assignment. Do not wait until the last minute.