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Lab 2
Due Sunday June 18 (midnight)

This assignment is designed to get you going on creating applications. Your task is to display the current date and time in response to a button click. A working copy of this assignment can be found here. You should do your best to duplicate this solution.

  1. Create a new empty web site and name it Lab2. Use new/web site and not new/project.
  2. Add a new web form named default.aspx. Make sure that place code in seperate file is checked and attach master page is NOT checked.
  3. Add two text boxes, a button, and appropriate text labeling.
  4. Make each text box readonly.
  5. Change the text on the button to "Get."
  6. Format the page with appropriate styling to match as closely as possible to my solution.
  7. You must have a title in the title tag.
  8. Add an event handler for the button and get the date and time. Set the text for the text boxeappropriately.
  9. Create a compressed (.zip) file of your web site, NOT the folder in the projects folder.
  10. Name your zip file,, etc. DO NOT ADD YOUR NAME TO THE FILE NAME.


The DateTime class is the key to managing dates and times. There are approiate methods in this class so you DO NOT need to format any text. Use these methods.
Read and reread the above to make sure you are meeting ALL requirements.
Test you zip file by unzipping to a different location and run with VS17. Be sure you zip the website and not the folder with the .sln file.