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Lab 3
Due Sunday July 2 (midnight)

The object of this assignment is to design a web application to generate numeric palindromes. A numeric palindrome is a number that reads the same from right to left or left to right. For example, 1234321.

A fully working implementation of this program can be found here. You are to duplicate all aspects and operation of this program. Anything that does not match the example will result  in a loss of credit. This includes the layout and approximate size of the controls.

  1. There are two text boxes for the starting value and the number of palindromes to generate.
  2. You MUST check for conversion errors and numbers out of range.
  3. The button must be labelled properly.
  4. The list box is sized to the approximate width in my exammple and has 10 rows.
  5. A label control is at the bottom for user feedback.
  6. You must have a title in the title tag as well as a heading on the page.
  7. No unhandled exceptions are allowed. Test, test, and test some more.
  8. HINT: I tested for a palindrome by converting the number to a string, reversing the string and comparing to the original.

Check your program against every key point and my solution.

Start early. For those of you with little or no C# experience this will be a very challenging assignment.