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Lab 5
Due Wednesday July 26

In this assignment you will extend lab 4 to include a database management page that will allow adding and deleting currencies and conversion rates.

  1. Copy your lab4 website folder and rename it lab5.
  2. Start by adding a button labeled "Modify Database" to your Default.aspx page.
  3. The button event handler uses the Response.Redirect method to navigate to a page named Modify.aspx which you create. Use ONLY the file name as the argument to Response.Redirect.
  4. On that page add a drop down list bound to the database. The value should be bound to the Id field and NOT the rate.. The reason for this will be explained in class.
  5. Add two text boxes. One will be used to hold the currency and the other the conversion rate for a new currency to be added. Of course you will add labels so the user knows what they are.
  6. Add a button labeled "Add." Its event handler will add the new currency and conversion rate to the database.
  7. Note - you must detect errors such as no currency name or a missing or incorrect conversion rate.
  8. Add a button labeled "Delete" that deletes the currency selected in the drop down list.  The Id in the value is used to identify the record to be deleted and NOT the name.
  9. Provide feedback to the user indicating successful completion of an operation or any errors..
  10. Provide a final button to take the user back to the default page. Label it appropriately.
  11. You must ensure that NO exceptions or errors are generated if a user does something wrong. TEST THOROUGHLY!
  12. Read and re-read these requirements. Points will be deducted for every requirement that you do not comply with.
  13. As usual good design and styling is required. Don't forget that title in the title tag.